The Loddon Region

The lands of the Loddon allow for true sustainable living. It is the home of broad acre farming properties that have provided for generations of local families. The region offers fresh local produce including breads, meats, olives, tomatoes, fruit and even salt. It is on these plains too that eucalyptus oil was first produced.

South of the region we have Bridgewater on Loddon – this features the 100-year-old Laucke Mill that produces what is considered the world’s finest bread making flour. Using wheat from local farms, the flour is used by Australia’s finest artisan bakers and exclusively by the local Bridgewater Bakehouse. This town is also known for its creative flair, with Bridgewater Berets a great example. Using a variety of wool mixes they make a range of unique headwear.

Just down the highway at Inglewood, features artisan soap making company Xanna Natural Soap, which uses only natural and organic products - all hand poured and cold pressed. From the family farm, The Fat Butcher is providing fresh pork and lamb from paddock to plate. Fusspots at Inglewood is where second-hand is never second best - selling vintage, collectables and old wares.

Surrounding Inglewood features 10,000 acres of Blue Mallee Eucalyptus which Bosisto’s harvest and use in their products. Also just out of town is Yuruga Plains who uses Merino wool that is grown on their farm in Powlett Plains. This is then spun into yarn locally and hand dyed a variety of colours, keeping the whole production process 100% local.

This section of the region is also renowned as being winemakers. Newbridge Wines nestles on the banks of the Loddon River specialising in handpicked grapes which in turn produce a high quality unblended Shiraz. From the vine to table with passion and love is Black Wallaby Wines who produce a variety of Rosé, Shiraz and White. Old Kingower Wines in the Kingower Valley creates two signature blends of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Nearby at Dunolly is Squirrel Gully Saffron, an off the grid farm. Here they collect each single strand of saffron gold by hand. Production of honey is also prevalent within the region with Bush Track Bees sourcing their seasonal varieties of honey from around the Loddon catchment area.

Further along the Calder Highway is Wedderburn - a town rich in history. It contains the only working Eucalyptus Stew Pot in Victoria, that is home to the 100% pure Wedderburn Eucalyptus Oil made by the local community. More recently Dr Natalie Alexopoulos explored the benefits of the prickly pear cactus, choosing Wedderburn as the home for her farm and business Chiron Organics. Using all parts of the plants she grows ensures the products are innovative and the farm is waste free.

North of the region there are many farm gates. Fernihurst is home to Red Dog Chillies. Their products include chillies and peppers that are fresh, pickled, dried and also available in a variety of peri peri sauces. Billabong Organics grows a variety of organic apples that they use to produce baby, pantry and snack products.

Deep beneath the Loddon Plains are unpolluted ancestral Australian seabeds. This is where all Pyramid Salt comes from, named after the township of Pyramid Hill. Another local favourite, Mincha Munchies, sources their produce from around the region to use in their homemade food products.

The fertile soil of Boort between two lakes has created the perfect Olive grove, something Salute Oliva has taken advantage of to create their award winning extra virgin olive oil and table olives.

Just north of Boort at Yando is a trio of businesses at the one farm gate. Simply Tomatoes producing green tomato products, Aussie Wool Quilts manufacturing 100% Australian wool bedding and Woolly Warmers therapeutic heat pads made from wheat and wool.

The Loddon Shed provides customers throughout Australia with the opportunity to purchase unique and hard-to-find gourmet and artisan products from across the Loddon Valley region, delivered directly to their door. Customers will be able to purchase individual products or create a hamper which will be packed and couriered around Australia. These sales will assist the region with their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.