Chiron Organic Olive Oil & Cactus Gel Laundry Powder  100g

Chiron Organic Olive Oil & Cactus Gel Laundry Powder 100g

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3-in-1: presoaker, laundry powder and fabric softener. This laundry powder is made using pure castile soap (extra virign olive oil) soap and the gel from the cactus pad. It is made on-site, in small batches for quality control, using raw ingredients from our certified organic farm. INGREDIENTS

Opuntia cactus gel*: has documented skin healing properties so will benefit those with sensitive skin that can’t take any chemical abrasives. It acts as a fabric softener and can also clean water.

Extra virgin olive oil (saponified)*: is similar to the skins natural pH, protecting skin against environmental damage and relieving psoriasis and eczema.

Sodium carbonate (washing soda): softens the water, allows a shorter wash time and helps preserve the life of your washing machine.

Wood ash*: comes from burning the olive branches after harvest season. Very effective at removing chemicals and grime and acts as a natural brightener.

Olive leaf*: an antimicrobial and antioxidant.

Lemon essential oil*: to add that extra bit of disinfection and to rejuvenate your mood.

* Certified organic ingredient