The lands of the Loddon Valley allow for true sustainable living. It is the home of broad acre farming properties that have provided for generations of local families.

The Loddon Shed is a one stop shop providing direct access for the consumer to purchase high quality artisan products from the Loddon Valley.


The wines of the region are diverse - some rich and robust, others elegant and complex. They’re a wonderful expression of locally grown and produced wines.

Blue Mallee Oil

Blue Mallee eucalyptus leaves cut from farmers' land around Wedderburn and processed in a working eucalyptus stew pot at Hard Hill Tourist Reserve. This eucalyptus oil is pure and leaves a fresh aroma which filters nicely through the air.

A Little Loddon

The diverse lands within the Loddon Valley, in total could be compared to the size of Auckland. Pair this with a Mediterranean climate, making it the perfect region to grow outstanding local produce.